On Thursday, April 14th, we started our 3 day drive from Ohio to Moab, Utah. It was myself and my new spotter Jason Layne. We left Ohio at 5am and arrived in Topeka, KS around 8pm. The next day, we drove from Topeka to Denver. We finished the trip on Saturday and arrived in Moab at around 3pm.

The drive out was pretty uneventful. We did see some Jeepers pulled off the side of the road in Colorado. We stopped and found out he ran out of diesel fuel. He had been waiting on AAA for 2 hours before we got there. We offered to go to the next exit and get him some fuel. It turned out, that exit was out of gas at every station. We went to the next one, and their electric was out in the whole town, which meant, no gas here either. We ended up having to go 4 exits up to find fuel, about 15 miles! When we came back, we put 10 gallons of diesel in their truck and off we all were. Click to read more …

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It is 6 days, 20 hours,12 minutes and 11 seconds till we leave for Moab, UT for Easter Jeep Safari. I am a little excited.
We been working over the last few months to get everything ready for a new W.E.Rock season and there is no better shake down run than E.J.S.
We have a new front ring and pinion, new control arm bushings from Full Traction, new set of Pro-Comp tires, hooked up a 12 volt adapter, gas cans are mounted. We have been very busy.
This summer is booking up quick also.
We will be in Moab from April 16th to the 22nd.
May 13th and 14th in Dayton, TN. W.E.Rock.
May 20th and 21st off to Rausch Creek Off Road Park for the 4 Wheel Drive Hardware sponsored R.C.Q. King of the Hammers Qualifier.
That is just the next 2 months.
In Moab we will be out wheeling on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. But on Thursday and Friday we will have our tent set up at the show selling the t-shirts, sweat shirts, beanies, koozies and taking donations. Come see us there or if you see us out feel free to come up and introduce yourself. I’m cool and Kelly is nice most of the time. See you there.

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Our 2010 WeRock rock crawling season is over. We just came back from Dayton, TN, where we ended up finishing in 4th place at the event and overall for the series. Thanks to everyone for the support you have given us throughout the year. We have a few more events/shows planned to end the year – see our schedule for more information.

I want to thank my team, Aaron and Jason. Aaron is my spotter. We’ve been together for the last 4 years. I love him to death and couldn’t imagine having another spotter. I know we have our differences and argue at times but he’s one of my best friends and I couldn’t do this without him. Jason is our alternate spotter, parts runner, mechanic…you name it, he does it. Anything I need, he does without hesitation. We put in a lot of hours in the garage, all winter and in between events. It’s a lot of work, but we all do it with no complaints. I couldn’t ask for a better team. You guys make this easy and fun. I promise we’ll get a podium finish next year.

Of course, I have to thank my sponsors. First and foremost, 4Wheel Drive Hardware and TransAmerican. You guys are and have been behind me since day 1, 6 years ago! I take up so much time and space in the garage, days off to go to events etc I definitely could not do any of this without your help and support! And it’s my other sponsors that make sure I have what I need to get to each event and make sure the rig has the parts it needs to stay running. Some of you have been with me for all 6 years, some of you I just picked up this year. Regardless, I truly appreciate all the help and support you all have given me.

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Where to begin…….First let me apologize as I know my updates suck. What can I say other than apparently I am a slacker of a higher order?
That being said let me bring you up to date.
First we just got back from Great Escapes Off Road 4×4 Show, in Adrian, MI. This year they wanted to help raise money for the American Cancer Society .This was their 2nd annual show open to any 4 wheel drive. From what I understand last year was around 35 vehicles, this year was at least double that. They had a ton of stuff going on. Aside from just the show they had a flex competition, kids crawl course, swap meet, Chrysler concept vehicles and trophies. Not to mention that it took almost 30 minutes to give away all of the door prizes these guy pulled together. I can’t wait till next year. Everybody in the club was nice as they could be. Dave and Josh you guys rock and thank you for everything. Mason (like the jar) I will remind Kelly that she owes you some power steering fluid. If you are ever in South Michigan the first weekend of August check these guys out. Well worth it. For more info go to www.greatescapesoffroad.com .
The next show is Jeep Fest, August the 21st in New Castle PA. Last year was 505 Jeeps and over 1,500 people. 2010 should be even bigger than that. For more info go to www.hrja.com .
Next comp is in Dayton, TN again Friday Aug 27th and Saturday the 28th.
Then on to the 4 wheel drive Jamboree Nationals in Indy September 17th-19th.
See you there.

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Well since the first comp has come and gone apparently I have been slacking on the updates. Let’s see if I can get everybody back up to speed here.
New rear axle, new gears, new shifter for the atlas,new brake lines, new rear winch, spare tires and wheels mounted and balanced, paint all touched up………………..I know I left a lot of stuff out but this list doesn’t sound too bad when you say it fast. Not to mention we were all done with a good 36 hours to spare before the first comp.
So the first comp was at Rausch Creek (www.rauschcreekoffroadpark.org) , if you have never been put it on your to wheel list.
The first day there were 6 rigs in out class and we started last that day. It’s kind of nice that you can see what line everybody else takes. But it can also kind of suck, like on the second course when you see 2 out of 3 drivers roll over and your team is next.
I watched Spottle (his real name is Aaron Selway and he is a rock tossing, line picking, hand signal when the radio ain’t workin spotting machine but we call him spottle) get her lined up and the front gate. He takes off and Kelly follows 4 wheels moving right up and over the first gate. Spottle tells her to take the front out of gear……….and Kelly breaks the shifter handle off. FANTASTIC. Actually they still made it look easy and finished that course with 2 minutes to spare. Great Job.
I’m not going to go into each course, I don’t like typing that much. Plus she can put up her own breakdown.
Day two saw some carnage. First thing was a power steering line got sheered by the fan. We had to get pulled off the course to go repair it. Stopping sucks anytime but this one really hurt. It was a really hard course and they were doing great. So after that we were in fifth place going into the shootout.
Then it got really funky. We needed 23 points to make it to 4th place and bonus land is the only place that would happen.
Right after the very first climb there was a loud snap sound and the passenger front tire decided it was done turning. We didn’t know if it was the inner or outer shaft or the joint. In all honesty it didn’t matter what it was because she was going to keep going, and did……………for a few feet. Closer to the top and trying to get over to go down the other side FLOP, right on the driver’s side. She tried to drive out of it but it wasn’t going to happen. We were done for this comp. We had to get the Jeep lifted down off the rocks and load up to come home.
So were back home with a ton of work to do. Here is the first list:
- Install wheel well lights
- Blow the oil out of the engine
- Fix front axle shaft
- Replace spark plugs, wires, cap and rotor
- Get new grille – install it
- Install new radiator
- Replace cut steering line
- Go over bolts and check fluids
- Replace other power steering line/ pulley

All in all it was a good trip. Got to see some old friends and make some new ones (Hi Kelly from www.Infamous4×4.com). Didn’t break nothing that can’t be fixed. Sold a lot of t-shirts and sweat shirts under our booth. Here is a link for some of the pictures of Pinky.
Next comp is Dayton, TN on June 25th and 26th. It’s a night time comp and always a great time. Hope to see you there.
Pictures http://www.4wd.com/team311/rc2010/index.html

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We just added hoodies in pink and a black beanie with our pink logo on it. Check them out here: http://www.4wd.com/search.aspx?PN=1&kw=crawl+to+cure+cancer

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We just got back from the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, UT. The rig didn’t get to go, it’s still tore apart in the garage waiting for parts. We still set up our booth to sell our clothing and we did very well. We sold over $3,000 in merchandise and raised $190 in our donation jar. Huge thanks to everyone who purchased our merchandise and all of the praise and support we received from the show. It is grealy appreciated and thank you for helping us spread the word.

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Look for our pink Crawl to Cure Cancer tent at the Easter Jeep Safari show next week, April 1st and 2nd. Stop by, check out our merchandise and say hi!

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Well, it’s been about 2 months since I last wrote, so I figured it was time for another update.

This past weekend (March 6th) the Crawl to Cure Cancer team and 4 Wheel Drive employees (and family) participated in BRR FOR THE CURE. For those of you not familiar with this, let me break it down for you.

In the middle of winter, with snow on the ground, you find a frozen lake. You attack said lake with a chain saw and open up a big hole. It doesn’t matter that the ice is 8” thick, that’s just what we’re looking for. You send people out to collect money to see you jump into the frozen lake. Easy enough.

To tell the truth, it really wasn’t all that bad. It was a nice sunny day, the temperature was in the low 40’s. Just a beautiful day in Northeast Ohio. They had a fire barrel set up, a D.J. and a pretty festive mood. It was nice to see so many people come out to support this cause.

We get there at 12:30 and everybody gets signed in for the jump that starts at 2:00. We’re all standing around in our jumping attire, which consists of shorts and our Crawl to Cure Cancer t-shirts . They start calling individual people to jump 5 at a time. We watched the first few groups go, cheering them on while talking about how cold it will be.

There are two ways to go in: you can walk in or go to the other end and jump. It was our turn next. We had been talking about when we jump in, we should do a chicken fight in the deep water or at the very least, swim to the deep end and sit on the couch they had made out of cut ice. We get to the edge of the ice, people are cheering and they start the countdown.

3. The tension is building as you stand on the ice and look down into the water. 2. You said you would jump so you get your body tensed up and ready to jump. 1. You jump…

As your body hits the water all of the plans you made to go sit on the couch or chicken fight are gone. Every muscle you have tenses up tighter than you ever thought would be possible. The only thought you can muster is get out! Once you get warm and change clothes, you can talk about “It wasn’t that bad” or “You know what we should have done”. But no matter, you are now part of a special group who wants to do all they can to help, even if it means jumping into a frozen lake.

In total, our group managed to raise $1,971.00. The entire event raised over $9,000.00 and everybody had a great day.

On a side note I was also very proud of my 9 year old little girl. She wanted to jump, didn’t want to jump, was in no way going to jump. But when they called our name she got right in line with us. Good girl you made your parents very proud.

Pictures can be found here: www.4wd.com/polarbear/index.html

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This was my first year helping out with team 311. All I have to do is turn some wrenches, offer words of encouragement, or talk B.S. Yet this is one of the most fulfilling things I have ever been involved in.
In June of 2008 my friend Kelly lost her Mom, Marie Young , to cancer. She was one of the biggest fans of Team 311 and rock crawling competition in general.
There was only one way to honor the memory of Marie and support the continuing research to cure cancer. WWW.CRAWLTOCURECANCER.COM was born. After the 2008 season the Jeep had a complete makeover. New tub, new paint, old and new sponsors, and a brand new mission. Along with the competing was raise money and awareness.
The competition part certainly could have went better. I think we broke things that before us were unbreakable. The raising money and awareness part went better than we could had ever hoped.
Every competitor in W.E.Rock was sporting a black and pink CRAWL TO CURE CANCER sticker on their rig. It is really nice to see that people like what you’re doing. The thing that was so humbling to me was the reaction from the crowd.
There is one instance in particular that really stands out to me and makes me proud to be part of Team 311. We were in Dayton, TN( My favorite place we went all season) . Kelly had just finished up her last course of the day and we were watching the rest of the comp. The announcer was walking around interviewing drivers and got to Kelly. She like a true professional talked about the courses, thanked her sponsors, and told the crowd what Team 311 is all about. Out of nowhere people were coming up to us and handing us money. A $5.00 here a $10.00 there, I even saw some $20.00s. Out of the crowd a man headed toward us. He was an older gentleman with a hat as greasy as his bib overalls. He had a tear in his eye and money in his hand. He told us that he owned a mechanic shop not far from there. He had started this place with a partner many years ago. His business partner had died of cancer. He had never met us before and told us how proud he was of what we were doing and wanted to donate.
This one guy who we had never met on the top of a mountain in Tennessee made me so proud to be part of Team 311. For a perfect stranger to come up to you, see what you’re doing and say thank you. It brought a tear to everybody’s eye.
This was just one instance, there were many more.
4 Wheel Drive Hardware was gracious enough to match and contributions we were able to collect during the season.
We sold Team 311 t-shirts and gave away stickers, an just had our little jar set up. Our Little jar held a lot more that we could have ever imagined. We turned in $4,738.00 in donations, 4 Wheel Drive Hardware matched our $4,738.00 and gave us all of the proceeds from the t-shirt sales. The total donation from Team 311 is $14,371.00. We would have never thought that we could do this. We couldn’t have without the donations, the sponsors and 4 Wheel Drive Hardware.
So that was may couple of paragraphs about who we are and what we do.
Now is time to get ready for the 2010 season, and we have a lot to do. But when I get tired and wonder why I volunteered for this I think of the mountain in Tennessee and it all seems worthwhile. If we are out and you see us please come say hi, and check the rig out. It means a lot to us and this is why we are there.
See you on the trails. J

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