About Us

My team and I have been competing in the professional rock crawling series called WeRock since 2005. We travel the mid-west and east coast attending rock crawling competitions and Jeep Shows. I am the only female driver in the stock modified class and the Jeep was bright green, both factors into the attention we draw at these events.

In June of 2008, I lost my mother to a brief battle with colon and liver cancer. My mom was one of my biggest fans and a big fan to the world of rock crawling and motorsports. I have been thinking of ways to hold an off road event or something in my mom's memory, when the idea was presented to me to paint my competition jeep pink and raise money for cancer research. And thus, Crawl to Cure Cancer was born.

We will be traveling all over the USA on several different Jeep related trips and shows to raise money for cancer research. 4Wheel Drive Hardware has graciously stepped up to be a huge part of this project. A portion of the proceeds from our Crawl to Cure Cancer t-shirt sales will be donated to the cause AND they are going to company match the donations we bring in throughout the year, up to $10,000. Then, at the end of the year, we will turn all of our donations into the American Cancer Society.

In the 3 years we have been raising money, we have turned in over $45,00 to the American Cancer Society and will continue to raise money in 2012. Please visit our Schedule page to see where we will be next.